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Australian Scout Events | Scouts visiting Australia 

Australian Scout Events

Scouts Australia runs a major event every year, somewhere in Australia. Each event is focused on a specific age group and is hosted by each of our States or Territories.

We welcome Scouts from around the world to our events. If you match the age range of the event, you can register as a participant, or if you are 18+years, you can register as a leader or member of a service team.

Some Upcoming events include:




Please check the websites above for application details. We are happy for National Scout Organisations to appoint Contingent Leaders if you have a big group of Scouts coming, or you can apply as an individual and the events' International Liaison Leader will look after you. As part of the application process, Scouts Australia will need to verify with your National Scout Organisation that you are a registered member of your Scout Organisation.

Scouts Australia’s International Friendship Fund also gives some Scouts from around the world the opportunity to attend our events.


Scouts visiting Australia

We welcome Scouts that are visiting Australia from overseas to come along and meet some of their fellow Scouts here in Australia and we will do our best to support you.


Before providing you with assistance, we will need to confirm that you are a registered Scout. This will be done through your National Scout Organisations International Commissioner. We can then try and link you up with a Scout Group and see what activities you could attend.



Unfortunately Scouts Australia does not have any full-time volunteer positions available in Scout camps for overseas members.


Please contact us at least 4 weeks prior to your arrival in Australia. If you contact us later than that it will be difficult for us to assist you properly. To help us to provide the best assistance we can provide you with you should provide all the information that you can give us such as:

You can find our contact details HERE.