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Scouts Australia receives many invitations to events around the world. When sufficient expressions of interest are received, a contingent is established. Information about applications and deadlines can be found by contacting the nominated Contingent Leader or by contacting the International Office.

Other events that Scouts Australia has received an invitation to attend are listed as Upcoming Events. If you're interested in attending, you must contact the International Office who will collate expressions of interest from around Australia, and make provision for a contingent to be established, or for an individual to attend on their own.

Don't forget that you can also plan your own overseas adventure - but where there is an international event hosted by another National Scout Association, a contingent must be coordinated through the International Office.

Established Contingents

Baden-Powell Scout Peak Expedition 2018
Date: 2018
Location: Nepal
Age Range: Rovers and Leaders
Contingent Leader: Eleanor Hewitt (ACT)

14th New Zealand Venture 2019
Date: January 2019
Location: New Zealand
Age Range: 14-17 years + adults
Contingent Leader: Richard Scholes (Vic)

77th New Zealand Rover Moot 2019
Date: Easter 2019
Location: New Zealand
Age Range: Rovers
Contingent Leader: Tyler Kara-Kingston, NSW

24th World Scout Jamboree 2019
Date: 22 July - 2 August 2019
Location: Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, West Virginia, USA (host duties split between USA, Canada and Mexico)
Age Range: 14-17 years + adults
Applications: opening 1 October 2017 and close 30 November 2017
Contingent Leader: Shane Troyahn (QLD)

22nd New Zealand Jamboree 2020
Date: January 2020
Location: New Zealand
Contingent Leader: Alan Murray, ACT

European Jamboree 2020
Date: 27 July - 6 August 2020
Location: Poland
Contingent Leader: James Carfax-Foster (VIC)

Upcoming Events

13th Nippon Agoonoree 2020
Date: 12 -16 August 2020
Location: Japan

16th World Scout Moot 2021
Date: 22 July -1 August 2021
Location: Ireland

Past Events

Nord National Scout Jamboree 2017
Date: 1-8 July 2017
Location: Bodo, Norway
Age Range: 12½-16 years + adult leaders + IST
Contingent Leader: Bjørn Arne Berge (ACT)

13th Canadian Scout Jamboree 2017
Date: 8-15 July 2017
Location: Camp Nedooae, Nova Scotia, Canada
Age Range: 12½-14 years + adult leaders + IST

15th World Scout Moot 2017
Date: 25 July – 2 August 2017
Location: Iceland
Age Range: Rovers
Contingent Leader: Matthew Kusi-Appauh (NSW)

31st Asia-Pacific Region Scout Jamboree 2017
Date: 21 July - 7 August 2017
Location: Mongolia
Age Range: 12½ years+, adult leaders and IST
Contingent Leader: Noel Davar (NSW)

Jamboree Denmark 2017
Date: 22-30 July 2017
Location: Sonderborg, Denmark

VCP Bundeslager German National Scout Jamboree 2017
Date: 27 July - 5 August 2017
Location: Germany
Age Range: Venturer Scouts
Contingent Leader: Aaron Wardle (NSW)

13th World Scout Youth Forum 2017
Date: 7-10 August 2017
Location: Azerbaijan
Age Range: Rovers

10th Serbia National Jamboree 2017
Date: 27 July - 5 August 2017
Location: Ada Ciganlija, Serbia
Age Range: 12½-17 years + adult leaders

28th New Zealand National Scout Regatta 2017
Date: 29 December 2017 - 6 January 2018
Location: New Zealand
Age Range: 13-17 years + adults
Contingent Leader: Louise Hutchinson
Applications: Closed
Application Form: Click here to download

76th New Zealand Rover Moot 2018
Date: Easter 2018
Location: New Zealand
Age Range: Rovers
Contingent Leader: Angus Boxall (NSW)

Roverway 2018
Date: 23 July - 2 August 2018
Location: The Netherlands
Age Range: Rovers
Contingent Leader: Roy Velting (ACT)

Mongolia Aid Project 2018
Date: 2018
Location: Mongolia
Age Range: Venturer Scouts, Rovers, Leaders
Applications: close 30 November 2017
Contingent Leader: Gary Steinhardt (Vic)

JamboRí 2018 - Scouting Ireland's National Jamboree
Date: 25 July - 2 August 2018
Location: Ireland
Age Range: 12½-17 years + adults
Contingent Leader: Noel Davar (NSW)

17th Nippon Scout Jamboree 2018
Date: 4-10 August 2018
Location: Japan
Age Range: 12½-17 years + adults
Contingent Leader: Keith Gerrard (NSW)

HOME2018 International Jamboree
Date: 6-15 August 2018
Location: St Georgen im Attergau, Austria
Age Range: 12½-17 years + adult leaders

Polish National Jamboree GDANSK 2018
Date: 6-16 August 2018
Location: Sobieszewo Island, Poland
Age Range: 13-17 years + adult leaders



Want to know about more events? Then you can check out the world events database from WOSM.