International Scouting

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International Letter of IntroductionNormal international letter of introduction

Members of Scouts Australia travelling overseas and wanting to join with a local Scout Group overseas must apply for an International Letter of Introduction. This document provides evidence that your National Scout Organisation has approved your involvement in local Scouting activities. The International Commissioner of Australia will communicate with the host country to verify your membership of the association.

Any member can complete an application for an International Letter of Introduction by completing the on-line form in the On-Line Event Management System (OLEMS) at

The cost of the International Letter of Introduction (including two Australian scarves and delivery) is $50.

Note: A Letter of Introduction is only issued to members whenever they have plans to participate in or visit a Scouting program or activity whilst overseas. If your application does not provide detail of any planned Scouting involvement overseas, you are not eligible for a Letter of Introduction.

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