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Scouts Australia International Funds Committee

The International Funds Committee is a National body that meets twice a year and allocates funding to specific international events to ensure Australian representation. Scholarships are available for both Youth and Adult Members of Scouts Australia. There are two types of scholarships available:

  • “Hardship Scholarships” for Scouting Members who cannot afford to go overseas with without assistance.
  • “Representative Scholarships” for Scouting Members who are chosen to represent Scouts Australia based on their skills and experience.

Not all international events will receive scholarship funding allocations; this is at the discretion of the International Funds Committee. The percentage of the Contingent fee that will be covered by the scholarship is also at the discretion of the International Funds Committee. The minimum age level of Youth Members who can apply for a scholarship is determined by the age range of the event.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship for an international event, contact the International Commissioner for more information. You will be required to apply in writing and have your application endorsed by your Branch.

Funding assistance to individuals is not publicised and is considered to be confidential.

For successful applicants:

  • Funding grants will be made to the Contingent account held at National Office; individuals will not receive the funding directly.
  • Youth Members will be required to provide Scouts Australia with a report on their experience, together with photos for use in national publications.
  • Youth Members will be required to complete two other reports/talks/presentations at a Group/District/Region or Branch level or outside of the Movement.
  • A total of $100 will be withheld from any grant until the Member has returned to Australia and completed the required reports.

Some tips for Youth Members who’d like to apply for a scholarship

International events are great fun, but they can also be quite overwhelming for a young traveller. You will be in unfamiliar surrounds, your family will be far away, and the culture, people and even the food will be different. In addition, you will also have the responsibility of representing Scouts Australia as an ambassador. So are you up for the challenge? Here are some things to consider before you apply:

  • Are you willing to research and prepare for your trip?
  • Can you adapt to another culture?
  • How will you cope if English is not the main spoken language?
  • Can you manage as an independent traveller?
  • What if something unexpected happens – are you capable of dealing with it?
  • Are you willing to immerse yourself in the experience? How can you use your skills and initiative to get more fully involved in the event you are attending?

Travelling overseas usually throws up some unexpected challenges. However, if you are well prepared and go into your international experience with the right attitude, you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime!

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