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Fundraising and Scholarships to attend international Scouting events

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There are many ways for Scouts Australia members to reduce the cost of travelling overseas.


Fundraising for participants to attend overseas events significantly reduces the financial burden on parents and may provide opportunities to enhance the event by allowing participants to undertake extra activities.

Some guidelines for fundraising are:

  • Set goals. Know how much money you need and when you need it.
  • Decide who will be involved in the fundraising.
  • Discuss fundraising options with the participants. Which types of fundraising events have been successful in your Group or community previously? A quick internet search on “Fundraising Tips” or “Fundraising Ideas” will turn up plenty of info that may help you decide on the best fundraising method.
  • Set a timeline for the fundraising program.
  • Inform your Group of your plan so that your fundraising doesn’t clash with anything planned by the Group Committee.
  • Implement an accurate method of recording and reporting on the funds collected.

International Funds Committee

The International Funds Committee is a National body that meets twice a year and allocates funding to specific events to ensure Australian representation. Grants may be made to individuals after they apply in writing to the International Commissioner of Australia.

Click here for more information on the International Funds Committee.

Branch Assistance

Some Branches have established specific funds to assist young people to attend international Scouting events. Youth Members should approach their Branch International Commissioner directly to discuss whether or not a Branch can assist.

Other Sources of Funding

Some local councils have funding put aside to assist young people to attend interstate and overseas events where they represent the state or country. Contact your local youth support office and see what your local council has to offer.