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Australian JOTA-JOTI Badge

61st Jamboree On The Air / 22nd Jamboree On The Internet

20-21 October 2018


The 2018 JOTA JOTI Badge competition has been run & won! We are excited to announce Katherine from Canning Rover Crew and Cub Leader at Liddelow Cub Pack, as the winning designer, taking home a $50 Scout Shop Gift voucher for her talented efforts. The badge will be available for purchase from the Scout Shop shortly.

Katherine would also like to acknowledge her friend Enfys, for contributing to the design inspiration. Enfys is an Olave with Three Rivers Olaves, and a Guide/Brownie Leader with Rossmoyne-Shelley Guide Unit.

Katherine’s & Enfys inspiration and story for their badge design:

As a Scout and Guide who have been close friends for a long time, it was important to us to really emphasise the way that JOTA-JOTI encourages communication and friendship between all members of the Scouting and Guiding movement all over the world, in addition to keeping with this year’s theme of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 15; protecting ecosystems, forests, and stopping land degradation. For this, we chose a kangaroo and a koala -two of Australia’s most iconic creatures- celebrating JOTA-JOTI together amongst the trees, surrounded by a bright green border.

 In our design the koala, representing both Scouts and the internet component of JOTA-JOTI, wears a Scout scarf and a headset while the kangaroo, representing Guides and the radio component, wears a Guides sash and stands next to the radio tower that they have built together -and just in case there are any technical difficulties over the JOTA-JOTI weekend, they have backup to ensure they can always keep talking, in the form of an old favourite; tin cans on a string.

The JOTA-JOTI Badge is a Special Event Badge, and may be worn on the uniform for up to 3 months IF APPROVED by your Branch Chief Commissioner. Contact your Branch Coordinator to confirm that the badge can be worn on your uniform.

Please note that the Badges are not available from the National Coordinator JOTA-JOTI.