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Foundation Amateur Radio Licence

The Foundation Amateur Radio Licence was introduced in Australia in November 2005. With training and assessment for the licence usually conducted over one weekend, it is ideal for Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and all adults. Once you have a licence you can support your Scouting program through safety communication, participation in Jamboree on the Air (JOTA), communicating with amateur radio stations at major international events, and participating in other Scouting radio activities in Australia and around the world.

Training for the Foundation Amateur Radio Licence

To obtain your Foundation Amateur Radio Licence you will need to undertake a training course with your local radio club, or conduct a course of self study. The Foundation Licence Manual (published by the Wireless Institute of Australia) which contains all the relevant information you will need to know to successfully obtain a Foundation Licence, as well as a wealth of extra info for the budding radio operator. You can order online from WIA, or visit your local amateur radio club or equipment supplier to purchase a copy.

Assessments for the Foundation Amateur Radio Licence

Once you feel you are ready, having completed your training either through a radio club course or through self study, you will need to book yourself in to be assessed. Click here for a list of clubs and assessors.

The Foundation Licence assessment has two components taking around an hour or so to complete. The first component is a 25 question multiple choice assessment paper, and the second is a hands on practical assessment. Once you have successfully completed both you will be able to choose an available callsign and apply for your amateur licence.

The emphasis is on candidates demonstrating the knowledge and skills required to put together an amateur radio station from commercial equipment, operate it without causing interference to other users, and act as a competent radio operator.

You will also need to be aware of how amateur radio relates to other users of the radio spectrum, your licence conditions, technical basics of electricity and electronics, transmitters, receivers, feedlines and antennas, propagation, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Fees and charges

Any fees or charges associated with Foundation Licence training are up to the radio clubs conducting the training. You will need to check with your local club to find out what their fees are.

The WIA charge for a Foundation Licence assessment is $67.00 (or $35.00 if you are under the age of 18). The Foundation Licence is issued by ACMA and the licence cost is currently $64.00 per year.

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